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Welcome to where we pay homage to the beauty of driftwood – its simplicity yet inexplicable beauty.  What starts out as a simple unassuming piece of washed up wood and, through the many years of nature’s unrelenting assaults and batterings still Driftwood Finishmanages to emerge as one of its most unique and stunning works of art.

Over the years of testing and trying different techniques with paint, vinegar, baking soda, coffee, etc., we’ve been able to successfully achieve different driftwood finishes.  We also pleasantly discovered a formula that can be easily applied to most unfinished and untreated wood surfaces to achieve a spectacular gray toned weathered driftwood finish that usually happens within minutes.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.  For those who would like a simpler, safer and easier way to achieve an elegant, yet rustic and beautiful Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish – it’s now available.  See how easy it is for yourself.

And our new Driftwood Final Finish Liquid Wax is now available.  It’s a great finish if you want to preserve the color of your Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish. We highly recommend it for use with the Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish.

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