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Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish Product Reviews

Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews

If you are a blogger and you’ve tried our Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish product and would like to be added to our Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews Page, we’d love to hear from you. You can use our contact form to contact us and we’ll get back to you right away. We’ve had some exceptionally talented bloggers try Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish.  Driftwood™ Weathered Wood Finish is the original weathered wood finish product not to be confused with imitators.  Look for the Driftwood™ name and trademark.

Furniture Makeover: Weathered Driftwood Furniture Finish

Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews
Dianele Henkler of InMyOwnStyby Diane Henkler of InMyOwnStyle on 9-23-13

Last week, I gave you a glimpse of my dining room table that I had just completed making over using a driftwood furniture finish.Today I will show you the process I used to make the transformation. My dining room table is a hand-me-down from my mom and dad. I like the style of the table, but not the orange-tone finish. I love it. It is exactly the finish I wanted. The best part-it was easy and inexpensive to do.READ FULL REVIEW


Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Review on a Spring Porch Table

Melanie-Robinson of ThePaintedChandelierBlogby Melanie Robinson of ThePaintedChandelierBlog, May 21, 2014

Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews

I recently had the opportunity to review an amazing product called Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish. Kim at DIY Driftwood emailed me with details about using the product. It comes in a packet as a powder that you mix with water and apply to bare, unfinished or stripped and sanded wood and it will produce a weathered driftwood appearance within 15 minutes. I had the perfect table in which to test this product!   READ FULL REVIEW


Product Review: DIY Driftwood

Danika-Herrick of GorgeousShinyThingsby Danika Herrick of GorgeousShinyThings June 2013

Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews

I wanted to share a very cool product with you guys. Have you heard of DIY Driftwood? Its a simple, non-toxic solution that gives bare wood the look of aged driftwood in one easy step. And it is very affordable at only $12.99 a package! Check out the range of tones it creates on different woods. I had the perfect test subjects in mind- plain old pine IKEA and this old oak table. I had “limed” it a few years ago, but it still wasn’t working for me. READ FULL REVIEW


DIY Driftwood: Weathered Grey Wood Finish TutorialWhiteAndWeathered Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Review

by Lindsey Rubino of WhiteAndWeathered on 1/24/14

One day I was surfing Pinterest and I came across a sweet product called DIY Driftwood. I knew immediately I wanted to use it on some pieces for in my son’s coastal nursery. My father had built some rustic shelves that I thought the product would be perfect for. I ordered it right away and it arrived the following week. To my surprise, it came in a tiny little envelope in my mailbox! I was so excited to get started and share with you all how to accomplish your own DIY Driftwood finish with this amazing product.


Driftwood Weathered Finish

Debbie Westbrooks of RefreshRestyleby Debbie Westbrooks of RefreshRestyle on Jan. 29, 2014 RefreshRestyle

Today I’m sharing a driftwood weathered finish that I used on 2 pallet wood shutters. I received a package and it contained 2 small packages. Of course I was concerned that it wouldn’t be enough to finish the shutters. The directions said to mix one package with one cup of water. That’s what I did and it was enough to finish both shutters. Each package when mixed as directed will cover 25-35 square feet. Driftwood weathered wood finish is all natural and should be used on unfinished, untreated wood. It’s takes all the guess work out of creating a driftwood look. This was one of the fastest projects that I’ve ever done and I still one package left. READ FULL REVIEW


Design Your Own Gift WrapLifeInVelvet

AngelaEsposito of LifeInVelvetby Angela Esposito of LifeInVelvet on February 16, 2014

I‘m so excited to share my latest project…custom gift wrap with upcycled grocery bags! The thing that makes this project so cool is the Weathered Wood Finish I used to turn the paper such a pretty blue. The finish is typically used for furniture refinishing and other wood projects, but this is another great application. READ FULL REVIEW


{Tutorial} Restoration Hardware Inspired Look

By Kelsey Elaine of WhiteCottageBoutique on Feb. 21, 2014 Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews

Okay people, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “can you create that old barn-wood style look that’s all over Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn?” Up until now, I really had no answer. I usually would just respond, “I’m sure it’s possible, but I’ve never tried it.” Well after my dear friend requested that I create this look for her, and was okay with a little experimentation that would be involved, I started researching how I could go about creating the look.  READ FULL REVIEW


Driftwood Finish on DIY Tree Stump TableDriftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews by Jae Vinson

By Jae Vinson of DesignOCD on 04/16/2014

Last summer, I made my own tree stump table by removing the bark from a stump and adding 3 casters to the bottom to make it easy to move around. At that time, I left the wood untreated but I recently updated it with a new finish.

Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish is a simple powder that you add to water and apply to.bare, unfinished , stripped and sanded wood and it will produce a beautiful driftwood appearance usually within 15 minutes. READ FULL REVIEW


Wood Desk Refinishing ProjectDriftwood Weathered Wood Finish Product Reviews

By Michael Arrison of – Michael did a guest blog for

A PERSONAL INTRODUCTION: Hi! Mike here, from My wife, Emily, and I run a paper and design company (and blog), and were recently fortunate enough to run across DIYDriftwood’s products. I am by no means an expert on anything related to woodwork, but what follows is an account of my experience. Perhaps it will be of assistance to someone out there interested in desk refinishing with Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish. READ FULL REVIEW

What are customers saying about Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish:

“I can honestly say that in my entire life, I have never, EVER, submitted, replied to or sent an email to a business from whom I patron. I have never submitted one review in spite of the thousands of reviews I have read. To be honest when I jumped on your site, I wasn’t perfectly confident in the results I was going to get. But the other customer pictures looked so good that I couldn’t resist. 

So I ordered some DIY Driftwood finish and a tin of liming wax. I used them to finish a set of 5 floating shelves for the corner of our dining area. We’ve moved into a new home and needed something to store some legacy pieces of china and kitchen items from our grandparents and great grandparents for remembrance. The floating shelves were done with white pine 1x2s as the interior framing and a 1/4″ pine project panel on the outside.

The application was so easy and the final look was so beautiful, it takes me a great deal of restraint to not drag every person I know over to have them admire the result. I’ve rarely, if ever, met with a product which so completely satisfied and exceeded my expectations. The DIY Driftwood finish in combination with the liming wax made my shelves look amazing!

So thank you. I’ve attached a couple pictures so you can see the results. I authorize you to publish these pictures, as well as any comments in this email, on your website.

I’ve already ordered some more to finish another set of floating shelves and a corner table. When they’re done and installed, I’ll send some more pictures your way.

Wishing you continued success,

Bret R. Minson
I have attached some pictures of the projects I have completed using your driftwood stain. The piece of furniture is part of my bedroom set (I did the complete set) it is oak. The dog crate which is black walnut and was stained a reddish color turned out absolutely gorgeous! There are 2 pictures of cabinets. The cabinets are maple and also turned out beautiful. We only have one more room to finish and that is the kitchen. Love your new liquid wax! Makes the final step so much easier.
Lynn Oliver
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