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Driftwood Weathering Wood and Liming Wax 2-Pak


Driftwood 2-Pak with both our Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish and Driftwood Liming Wax in one package. 

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Driftwood Weathering Wood FinishDriftwood Weathering Wood Finish


  • Create a Beautiful Driftwood Finish on Unfinished Wood Furniture
  • Simple to Use – Mix with Water – Apply – Results in Minutes
  • Finish Lasts a Lifetime – Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Enough to cover approx. 50-70 sq. ft.
  • Easy Cleanup with Soap and Water


Driftwood Liming Wax

FeaturesDriftwood All Natural Liming Wax

  • Our Driftwood Liming Wax is all natural – no petroleum or harmful chemicals
  • Lightens your driftwood finish
  • Leaves a satin-like finish that also protects
  • 100% Made in America
  • 8 oz. tin
  • Each tin of Driftwood Liming Wax is hand mixed and hand-poured


Our Driftwood Liming Wax was purposely made to work with our Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish. It will lighten and add a beautiful appearance to wood finished with Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish. It will also work on bare, unfinished wood to give a ‘pickling’ effect as well as matte painted surfaces where you want to lighten the surface. It is suggested you test the wax on an inconspicuous area to test the results. Since this product is a hard wax, it will also serve to protect the wood.



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Weight 1.25 oz
Dimensions 8.625 x 5.375 x 1.625 in

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