Driftwood Finish Customer Picscat on Bergere chair

Here are some pictures submitted by our customers for the Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish product and other driftwood projects.  Please feel free to submit your pictures of projects done using Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish. 


What are customers saying about Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish:

“I can honestly say that in my entire life, I have never, EVER, submitted, replied to or sent an email to a business from whom I patron. I have never submitted one review in spite of the thousands of reviews I have read. To be honest when I jumped on your site, I wasn’t perfectly confident in the results I was going to get. But the other customer pictures looked so good that I couldn’t resist. 

So I ordered some DIY Driftwood finish and a tin of liming wax. I used them to finish a set of 5 floating shelves for the corner of our dining area. We’ve moved into a new home and needed something to store some legacy pieces of china and kitchen items from our grandparents and great grandparents for remembrance. The floating shelves were done with white pine 1x2s as the interior framing and a 1/4″ pine project panel on the outside.

The application was so easy and the final look was so beautiful, it takes me a great deal of restraint to not drag every person I know over to have them admire the result. I’ve rarely, if ever, met with a product which so completely satisfied and exceeded my expectations. The DIY Driftwood finish in combination with the liming wax made my shelves look amazing!

So thank you. I’ve attached a couple pictures so you can see the results. I authorize you to publish these pictures, as well as any comments in this email, on your website.

I’ve already ordered some more to finish another set of floating shelves and a corner table. When they’re done and installed, I’ll send some more pictures your way.

Wishing you continued success,

Bret R. Minson
I have attached some pictures of the projects I have completed using your driftwood stain. The piece of furniture is part of my bedroom set (I did the complete set) it is oak. The dog crate which is black walnut and was stained a reddish color turned out absolutely gorgeous! There are 2 pictures of cabinets. The cabinets are maple and also turned out beautiful. We only have one more room to finish and that is the kitchen. Love your new liquid wax! Makes the final step so much easier.
Lynn Oliver

3 thoughts on “Customer Pictures

  1. I used Driftwood Weathered Wood on 3 new teak rocking chairs. The honey color did not go with my exterior decor. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! I mixed the coloring packet with 1.5 cups of water instead of 1, but ended up applying two coats. I couldn’t be happier, I will use this product again for sure!

  2. I create my driftwood furniture from Florida red cedar that I sandblast & then expose it to the elements for months until it’s a beautiful silver gray. It’s a lengthy process but in the end it is the most authentic driftwood look there is.

  3. I rescued an old Adirondack chair that was in bad shape. The Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish accomplished what I wanted – the “Cape Cod” look that I love, weathered gray. The mistake I made was not thoroughly sanding the “fill area” over the screws used to put it back together. My mistake. I will definitely use product again.

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